I Saw the Sign

It has been more than two months since I started “To Education and Beyond,” yet it feels like it was just yesterday when I posted the project on Facebook.

Every time I get a message, call or email about the project, I go back to the night of February 18, 2017. It was a night filled with self-doubt.

“Should I really post this?”

“What if no one bothers to help?”

“Why Syria instead of the Philippines?”

I had so many questions going through my mind. I even asked God for a sign. However, the clock was ticking. Time silenced the voices in my head. February 18 was the first anniversary of my graduation, so I knew I had to post the project that night.

Little did I know, the sign would come later.


Denise, a good friend of mine, made this sign to help gather donations. I was so speechless when she sent me this photo. She told me that the sign is currently placed in their school’s cafeteria. “So the whole school knows now,” Denise said. Knowing that students are becoming aware about the situation in Syria answers all of my questions. Awareness is the first step, and that’s really what I want to achieve.

So, Denise, thank you so much. Your sign was the sign I asked God for.

Here’s to education and beyond!


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